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بهترین جراح بینی در تهران
بهترین جراح بینی در تهران

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Ear cosmetic surgery (Otoplasty) is performed with the aim of improving the beauty of the face and ears and fixing the mirror ear.



Blepharoplasty is performed with the aim of improving vision and drooping eyelids.



Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is performed with the aim of changing the shape and improving the function of the nose.


temple lift

It is done to fix drooping eyes and eyebrows.

و بوتاکس

Gel and Botox

It is done to remove skin wrinkles.


central lip

Central lip reduces the distance between nose and lips.


لیفت صورت

جهت رفع افتادگی چشم و ابرو انجام می شود.

متخصص گوش، حلق و بینی

جراح سر و گردن ، پلاستیک صورت و بینی

عضو انجمن جراحان گوش و حلق و بینی

بورد تخصصی ناسیونال

استاد و مدرس دانشگاه

Comments of patients


It really turned out better than I expected. It was interesting to me that after the surgery, I would call and ask about any concerns and they would solve them for me.


I am very grateful to the surgical team of Dr. Rasti. I had surgery without pain or bleeding. It was not as difficult as you thought

IMG 20231106 161153 679

I was afraid that the nose would not look good and look like women, but it turned out to be a really attractive manly nose. thank you.


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