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How to have a good nose job? 4 points

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How to have a good nose job?

One of the questions that occupy the minds of people who want to do cosmetic nose surgery is how to have a good nose job? What should we do before nose surgery to have a good nose job? And such are the questions. Today, we want to talk about the things that we must follow in order to have a successful nose surgery.

What to do before the operation? And how to have a good nose job?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that corrects or changes the shape of the nose. This surgery can be done for cosmetic reasons or to help with breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can solve problems by making changes in the skin around the nose, cartilage or bone.

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How to have a good nose job?

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Most people focus on learning what to expect and do after surgery, but in order to ensure your recovery from before surgery, you should start taking care of your rhinoplasty before surgery. First, prepare yourself for a safe and seamless surgery by learning how to prepare for rhinoplasty.

Week before nose surgery

Rest as much as you can.

Your body needs energy to recover from surgery. Good rest prepares you for an easier recovery and the best treatment results.
Another thing you should do is keep your face clean. It is very important to keep the skin clean and clear before surgery. Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser. You can also gently exfoliate every other day to get rid of dead skin.

Drink a lot of water.

One of the principles of how to have a good nose job? It’s to drink more water than usual in the days leading up to your nose job – about twice as much as usual. It is important to keep your body hydrated for surgery.

Plan for your rest and quick access to the doctor. After surgery, you need a home, especially for people who come to Tehran from other provinces for this surgery. So, in order to be near your doctor at least for the first week to check things with him, you must have a residence in Tehran.

How to have a good nose job?

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Rhinoplasty is a one-day surgery, which is also called an outpatient surgery. After the procedure and a short period of monitoring to make sure you are doing well, you can go home. But it may not be safe for you to drive or operate other vehicles without support immediately after surgery. Plan ahead and make sure you have a companion to drive or a car to transport you.

Prepare your medicines.

Talk to your doctor about over-the-counter medications, cold compresses, ointments, or flares you may need after surgery, and prepare them at home before the procedure.

Prepare and plan your meals in advance.

It may take weeks to fully recover from rhinoplasty and return to your normal routine. If you can, make it easier on yourself by preparing some meals in advance so that you can focus on rest and recovery after surgery. Especially for women who probably cook at home. Be sure to include a complete combination of vitamins and proteins in your diet

Do not neglect vegetables and white meat.

Talk to your doctor!

Make sure you understand what over-the-counter medications you can and can’t take after surgery, and make sure you understand all of your surgical instructions.

How to have a good nose job?

How to have a good nose job?
How to have a good nose job?

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The day before surgery

The second part of care, how to have a good nose job? It is related to the day before surgery.

Fast before surgery.

For rhinoplasty, you will be under general anesthesia. To avoid the risks of nausea and vomiting during anesthesia and for safety reasons, it is very important not to eat or drink anything the night before the procedure. Preparing in advance by drinking extra water in the week before surgery will help you feel better and stay healthy.

Do not use cosmetics

Makeup and other cosmetics can cause irritation during surgery. Makeup and other cosmetics can cause irritation during surgery. Also, even if possible, do not use jewelry on the day of surgery.

Choose the right dress.

You will change into a surgical gown for rhinoplasty and then get dressed. You need to make sure that the clothes you choose are comfortable and won’t affect your sensitive post-surgery nose. This means you should wear a shirt with buttons that you don’t have to pull over your head.


How to have a good nose job?
How to have a good nose job?



What should be avoided before rhinoplasty?

There are also things to avoid before rhinoplasty.

Do not smoke

You know that smoking is bad for you, but it is much worse to smoke before rhinoplasty. Smoking can constrict blood vessels and reduce oxygen flow. This can greatly slow your recovery after surgery, even increasing the chance of skin loss and scarring. Smoking also increases the chance of a poor anesthetic response and bleeding or infection problems.

Therefore, you should not smoke a week before the nose surgery.

Do not drink alcohol

Do not drink alcohol in the days leading up to surgery. Alcohol is harmful to the immune system and can also dehydrate you. This can also slow down the healing process.

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Do not use topical creams

Do not use creams that contain Retin-A, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or other over-the-counter creams for about four to five days before surgery. If you are not sure whether the creams you use have these items or not. You should use a simple cleanser and talk to your doctor.

Avoid the sun

Avoid the sun and solarium. UV rays can damage the skin and make healing more difficult.


Avoid taking certain medications.

There are some medications that should be avoided before any surgery because they can react with anesthesia or affect blood flow and blood clotting. Always talk to your surgeon about what you can and can’t take, but it’s usually recommended to avoid blood thinners like aspirin and Coumadin, Celebrex, and Plavix for a week before surgery.

Some supplements should be avoided, including vitamin E supplements, ginkgo, ginseng, fish oil, milk thistle, etc.

Prepare yourself and talk to an expert

It is important to take any surgery seriously so that you can minimize the risks and optimize the outcome. Good recovery depends on preparing your body and mind beforehand. We understand that each patient has unique needs. Dr. Hamidreza Rasti, who is the best nose surgeon in Tehran. He has extensive experience with rhinoplasty procedures and helping patients prepare for successful surgeries.

We suggest that you first read the following article and then contact us using the contact numbers listed on the site to get a free consultation.

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How to have a good nose job?

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