Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran

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Rhinoplasty in Iran

Choosing a surgeon is one of the most important decisions you can make when preparing for rhinoplasty, and finding the best Rhinoplasty in Iran is also more difficult. But how do you choose? Who is a good nose surgeon? Here are four essential things to look for in your surgeon. 4 things you should know (complete guide)

Today, you open any website and you will see the name of Dr. Hamidreza Rasti as one of the best Rhinoplasty in Iran. He has successfully given patients a beautiful nose without bleeding and without any breathing problems in all his surgeries.

If you are looking for a safe surgery at a reasonable cost and without fear of respiratory problems, pain and bleeding, please contact our contact numbers. If you are looking for the best Rhinoplasty in Iran, I suggest you read this article to the end.

Tips about the best Rhinoplasty in Iran

1: Experience

The number of nose surgeries performed by Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is many, which makes him one of the most suitable options for the best nose surgeon in iran. The more rhinoplasty surgeries your surgeon has performed, the higher his skill level. Look for a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, not one who does it occasionally.

The techniques and procedures used are constantly evolving and you need a surgeon on top of the latest research to get the best results. Keeping the surgeon up-to-date with current methods will lead you to a successful surgery.

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2: A good doctor listens well

When it comes to choosing a surgeon, it’s important to find that a surgeon who listens carefully to your wishes is a better choice. You need a surgeon to create a surgical plan based on your wishes. There is no perfect nose and the surgeon needs to work closely with you to achieve the ideal.

Choose the surgery that makes you feel comfortable. Counseling is a great way to evaluate potential candidates before making a final choice. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. You want a surgeon who is willing to communicate with you. Obviously, you’ll also want to talk to your surgeon about the different options and choose the best one for you.

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti conducts a free consultation session for all his patients before the operation so that you can tell him your needs and he can tell you the best choices. To make the best decision with the help of your doctor. Accordingly, he is one of the best Rhinoplasty in Iran.

3: The third condition of being the best Rhinoplasty in Iran!

An experienced nose surgeon should be skilled in all types of nose surgeries including cartilaginous nose surgery, cartilaginous nose surgery and bony nose surgery. These three methods may all involve the nose, but they require very different techniques and skill sets to achieve the desired results.

Many people don’t know that there are different models and methods for nose surgery, and they need a skilled surgeon to create a natural and beautiful result.

4: Having a degree in the medical system, preferably in the field of otolaryngology

Degree and education in the field of ear, throat and nose is one of the most basic points that a nose surgeon should have. The nose is one of the most basic parts of the respiratory system, and people, without paying attention to this issue, do things that cause problems in the patient’s breathing.

One of the best ways to make sure your surgeon has the skills and experience you need is to check this out. The process of issuing a medical degree requires that your surgeon has special qualifications in the field of training and examination.

These essentials are not the only qualities you want in your nose surgeon, but they are the most important qualities you need. Also, look for surgeons who are willing to share photos of their work, have published articles, and talk honestly about the procedure with you.

They are members of the Association of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons. The results of your rhinoplasty are largely determined by the surgeon you choose. Take time for this important decision.

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is the best Rhinoplasty in Iran

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is an ear, nose and throat specialist from the University of Medical Sciences. He is one of the most skilled doctors in the field of nose surgery.
He is very skilled in the fields of rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, ear cosmetic surgery, head and neck surgery, face and nose lift, sinus endoscopy.

7 1 1Types of nose surgery

1- Cartilaginous rhinoplasty

2- Nasal surgery

3 Bone nose surgery

1- Cartilaginous nose surgery

In short, rhinoplasty is a procedure that your doctor performs by adding or removing cartilage in your nose in line with the final goal and desired shape or desired result. Cartilaginous nose operation has become one of the most common nose surgeries nowadays because it has goals such as:
Changing the size of the bridge of the nose
Changing the size of the nostrils
Changing the shape of the nose slope is done.

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is considered one of the best cartilaginous Rhinoplasty in Iran . With a lot of experience in this style of nose surgery, he is one of the best choices in this field.

2- meaty nose job

When it comes to a fleshy nose, the first thing that occupies the minds of people who intend to have a nose surgery is certainly the return of the nose to its previous state.

First, we need to provide a brief definition of meaty nose. A fleshy nose is a type of nose that has less and weaker cartilage and instead has thick skin.

The purpose of rhinoplasty is usually to fix the drooping of the tip of the nose, to reduce the tip of the nose and the sides of the nose. This nose is usually seen more in men.

The fleshy nose has an impressive appearance. The nose is usually broad in appearance. Of course, such people are also known for having big hearts.

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is considered one of the best Rhinoplasty in Iran. With a lot of experience in this style of nose surgery, he is one of the best choices in this field.

Rhinoplasty in Iran
Rhinoplasty in Iran

3- The best bone Rhinoplasty in Iran

The most important feature of bony noses is the protruding, elongated and uneven bone surface, which damages the attractiveness of the face. These problems are often caused by facial asymmetry as a result of accidents and trauma. Usually, these protrusions and inconsistencies are more visible in people’s photos. This problem often causes problems in the beauty of people.
Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is considered one of the best bone Rhinoplasty in Iran. With a lot of experience in this style of nose surgery, he is one of the best choices in this field.

The best male Rhinoplasty in Iran

Today, rhinoplasty has become a genderless surgery and men also welcome this surgery. But the issue that is important among men is the shape of their nose after the operation. Because the shape of men’s noses is different from women’s and the elegance of women’s noses should not be seen in them. As we mentioned above, bony and fleshy noses are the most diverse among men. Dr. Rasti is one of the best nose surgeons in iran.

Then you will discuss your needs and requests with the doctor and the doctor will give you his suggestions based on the anatomy of your nose and the possibilities, and you will reach a final idea of ​​your cosmetic surgery.
Then, according to the direct opinion of the doctor, you go to perform relevant tests and imaging. And you receive the results and show them to the doctor.

After the doctor’s approval, you proceed to admission. After accepting the consultation of the anesthesiologist, it is done so that all errors are reduced to zero. And surgery is performed.

Trust an expert

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, has the necessary experience and skills to perform nose surgery. Numerous happy patients over the years attest to his caring, surgical and aesthetic skills.

He has a medical license in the field of head and neck surgery. He is also a member of the Association of Cosmetic Surgeons. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, he focuses exclusively on the nose, eyes, face, neck and scalp.

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